Instagram v Pinterest

Instagram V Pinterest For Business There is no doubt about it, Pinterest and Instagram both present excellent marketing opportunities to businesses worldwide and are becoming increasingly popular over other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Don [...]

Password Manager

What is a password security manager: A password security manager is an application that is used to store and organize all your passwords so you do not have to remember tens if not hundreds of passwords in this digital era. Above all it enables you to [...]

What is Spam?

So, what is Spam? While using IT you most likely will come across the much hated word Spam which is used to describe unsolicited messages, most commonly received via email but you can also be affected by spam on forums, social media and any other onl [...]

What is bluetooth?

What is bluetooth? You most likely have heard or come across Bluetooth on a mobile device or computer. Bluetooth is a wireless technology enabling devices to transfer data amongst each other without the need for cables. The reason Bluetooth is used a [...]