Backup Solutions

With the increasing dependancy on our data, it is vital to have backups and procedures in place. Businesses that suffer from significant data loss can be found in a very compromising position, don’t let this be you and consider…

Online Data Backup
As highlighted within our cloud solutions page, with high speed internet we are able to backup all your data onto the cloud, without human intervention in realtime while connected to the internet. This solution is ideal for most situations but for the ones that suffer from poor internet connections or high volume data (such as photographers, designers etc..), We would advice onsite backup is the best solution.

Onsite Backup
The key with offsite backup is less human intervention as possible. From experience, we understand that depending on certain individuals to press the backup button or to change the backup hard drive / tape is not ideal…

An option is to have all computers automatically backing-up to one device and this in turn is backed up regularly to a offsite location to protect against fire and theft. This is one solution of many so please feel free to contact us for a no obligation chat to see how we can provide you with complete piece of mind.

To protect from theft we of course consider encryption to prevent any data being readable.

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