Cloud Solutions

With the evolution of fast internet we are able to benefit from servers to manage your day to day data requirements within the “Cloud”.

So what does that mean for you and your Business…

General data which includes documents (word, excel, powerpoint etc..), pictures, audio tracks and any other general information which is not a database can be synchronised to the Cloud (a server). This will in turn keep the same data updated in real time on any other computer or mobile device.

You have the ability to allow multiple staff to see certain data, so for example the accounts department can only see the accounts folder, sales department can only see the sales folder but the manager can see all folders…

Emails can also be synchronised in the same way using the Cloud, so if you were to file, delete or read an email it would appear exactly the same on any other device that your email mailbox is configured to.

Nearly all Cloud solutions are totally scalable to accommodate new staff as they come on board and a changing budget. We are always willing to have a no obligation discussion to see if we can introduce or advice you within the cloud computing evolution.

All our services carry our value promise