PPC (Pay Per Click)

The PPC management agency to show you the way. If you’re new to PPC, pay per click or ‘paid’ adverts are the search results you see exhibited at the top and to the right of a search engine’s organic results. These noticeable results have gained importance because online advertisers pay for their high-status slot. PPC managers bid a certain amount per click for individual keywords. If a searcher clicks on your ad, you pay a bid price to the search engine. You win a visitor and a potential conversion, Google or Bing gains the rate you bid per click.

Adwords success depends on vigilant planning and measurement. Often what you see in Adwords is the tip of the iceberg. We have software that produces analysis reports based on our years of experiences of where the real focus should be. By following a demanding process in analysis, research, and Adwords Management we have are able to produce measurable results. Clients often ask us for the secret behind our practises but the truth is there are no secrets. There are no white-hat or black-hat theories. We basically follow the best-practices that are accessible to everyone. We are not aware of any secret tricks, or systems”. Our approach is underpropped by hard work. It calls for rigorous testing, intelligent strategy, and a fine balance between scientific and human input.

We are experts at increasing search volumes whilst hitting strict KPI’s, ensuring that even for the most competitive terms, we’re driving click volume up and cost per sale down consistently across all our accounts. The key is to have the tools and understanding to be able to develop the right strategy across the whole marketing mix. Pay per click works placing a Google ad is one of the best ways to kick start your website in a business to business to business. SME Media UK can help you achieve you business objectives and set set up measurable goals that can be viewed in Google Analytics so that you can see your ROI (return on investment)

Of course it is pointless to market a poor quality website. so the first step is to ensure your website is up to scratch, visit our Web Design page for more information.

ppc - Pay Per Click

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