SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) — businesses of all sizes need it to drive traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and a dozen others to their site.  SEO can be affordable and achievable for SMEs as well as major corporations, but solving the mysteries of SEO and figuring out how to rank on the first page of Google for your product or service remains elusive those without specialist knowledge.

Why do SMEs need ethical, professional SEO?

Google and other search engines change their algorithm hundreds of times per year. Unbelievable, but true, and it’s why companies like SME media exist! We invest our time tracking the updates and changes, adapting websites to ensure they’re still following best practice, and ensuring that you’re still competing for the higher rankings.  We use a range of professional SEO tools to help navigate the changing waters. SEO is a long-term and ongoing task, and one where you should be very wary of quick results promises.

Web design and SEO

An area of SEO many people are unaware of is the actual design itself – Google and other search engines will be looking for good quality, high function websites, and in addition it’s pointless to push traffic to a website that doesn’t reflect your business in the best possible light.  So if you’re still at the first step of your journey and looking for high end but affordable web design for your SME, visit our Web Design page for more information.


Three steps to get your website seen…

SEO Key Metrics?

When you start with us at SME media we create a baseline and a roadmap. How is the website’s health? What are its technical Search Engine Optimisation issues? Are competitors doing better? How are you doing in Google’s search results? Our Site Editor crawls any website, then delivers an interactive list of to-dos. We then compare the results with competitor’s websites for 20+ key metrics.

Content and keyword SEO analysis

Our Site Auditor automatically crawls any website to gather data about seven key technical Search Engine Optimisation areas: search engine visibility, Metadata, content, links, images, semantics (including schema), and page speed.

Our Keyword Ranking tool reports with authorized average ranking data that comes directly from Google and Bing webmaster tools. This gives us the ability to report on how you are doing for all your current and targeted key search terms.

Links for SEO

Our link management tool allows us to explore relevant and quality backlinks. We do this by looking at which links are pointing to the top sites for a particular keyword or phrase. We only add links sparingly as only quality and relevance are now looked on by Google.

It’s important to know who is linking to your website as bad links can have a negative impact on your search performance. It is highly likely that you do not know who is linking to your website. We use a range of Analytical tools which provide detailed data about referral traffic.

Real-time SEO for SMEs

If Google can’t see your website, you have a Search Engine Optimisation problem, all sorts of things — and people — can “break” Google’s ability to crawl your website. We have up-to-the-minute alerts if anything should go wrong with your site and will act accordingly.

We always recommend that your pages are regularly checked to ensure they meet current Search Engine Optimisation regulated guidelines and that you use social media to work alongside SEO to drive business to your site. We deal with all kinds of companies from accountants to London Security firms.

All our services carry our value promise

Don’t just take our word for it…

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