Is 2022 the year of D2C marketing?

Everyone in business and marketing has heard of B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer), but there is a growing number of businesses employing a D2C business model, butd2c SME Media blog post what is a D2C business and D2C marketing?

D2C – Direct to Consumer

Direct to Consumer is a strategy where a business promotes, sells, and often manufactures, a product or service directly to consumers, cutting out the need for any intermediary companies or retailers. A standard B2C business might mean a product is selling via a shop or third-party website, whereas D2C means a more streamlined process with no ‘middle man’ and that a business can maintain complete control of its brand.

This is a growing way to run a business and good examples of this model include big names such as fitness brand Gym Shark, plant-based meal company Allplants, and coffee specialists Grind.

Essential tools to reach consumers directly

As you might expect, selling your own product or service without any third-party assistance means that there is a massive need for effective marketing, and digital marketing is vital.  Hiring a physical location to sell from means not only are you tied and limited to a specific area, but it can be a huge and ongoing expense when you factor in all of the bills that go with this.

laptop-g581da7b58_1920A majority of businesses selling direct to consumers choose to sell online. This means that they can reach throughout the UK, and avoid the costs that go with a physical location. However, this also means that not only is getting the website design and user experience important but that digital marketing to drive traffic to this website is equally important.

This might include social media, content marketing, and PPC, but most important is that when your potential customers or clients are looking for you directly, that they find you.  SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is therefore not just an essential component when creating your website design, but that it is an ongoing process to maintain a high search engine ranking for both your brand and the keywords that people might search when looking for a business such as yours.

Talk to the experts

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