Why SMEs need SEO – a guide to small business SEO

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, has become increasingly essential for companies of all sizes over theSmall business SEO past two decades. However, small business SEO still has room to grow.  Whilst nearly half of all businesses currently invest in SEO, there are 31% of small businesses that plan to invest in SEO yet haven’t taken the plunge.  Only 18% of small businesses don’t see the opportunity, and in the next decade, they might find themselves unable to keep up or compete.

Why SEO, and not other areas of marketing?

You should absolutely keep a balanced view of your marketing and SEO alone shouldn’t be the only form of marketing you do.  However, with 78% of internet users carrying out product or service research online and 3.5 million Google searches a day, making your organic profile prominent is a smart play.

Investing in SEO as well as spending time on your other areas, such as social media or PR, is part of a holistic approach to ensuring your future clients are seeing you.

The key advantages of small business SEO

Better conversion rate

SEO leads have a 14.6% conversion rate, whilst outbound leads, such as those from direct mail or print marketing, have a 1.7% conversion rate.  Investing £500 in SEO is statistically more likely to bring you more conversions than spending the same amount on advertising in a magazine or sending leaflets.  Just because SEO isn’t something you can physically hold in your hands doesn’t mean it’s presence isn’t significant.

More brand awareness

When people are searching for a product or service, they might not know your brand name yet, only the product or service they’re looking for.  If you’re ranking high for the product or service they’re searching for in the area they’re looking for then they’ll soon know your brand as one to associate with that product or service.

Opportunities to build on the lead

Driving traffic to a website that doesn’t immediately convert isn’t the end of the story.  A lot of customers look at a website several times before making a purchasing decision.

But by driving a lead to your website even once using SEO, you get the opportunity to marketing to them at a later date with retargeted social media or digital display ads, knowing they already have an interest in who you are and what you do.

Literally, get ahead of the competition

If you directly compete with another business in the same industry and same area, all things being equal the average scrolling browser will click the first one they see that looks relevant.  In fact, 28.5% of people click the first relevant result they see on Google.   Being just one listing up could be the difference between and customer and someone that vaguely remembers your website name.

Small business SEO – more accessible than ever

SMEs might well be looking to target locally, or nationwide.  Either way, SEO is more affordable and accessible than it ever has been, and is no longer a magical mystical service used only by those that can afford a huge SEO marketing agency.  You can find an SEO agency in London or the surrounding area that specialises in SEO for small to medium-sized businesses, offering packages and services built specifically for SMEs.

For more information on SEO for SMEs, get in touch with SME Media for an informal talk through how your small to medium-sized business could benefit from more high converting website traffic.