SME Media New Website Guide  [Part 2] for business owners & start-ups in London & Surrey. Have you chosen the best Website Designer for your business? Here’s what to expect during the Website Design process. Manage your Website Designer efficiently! For a free consultation call 0203 438 0001

SME Media New Website Guide for Business Owners & Start-Ups in London & Surrey [P2]

How Business Owners should manage the Website Design process & what to expect throughout.


What to expect during the Web Design process:

A new Business Website Build is not an overnight job and requires focus and dedication from both the Website Designer and you, the Client. A website consists of several compartments and each one must be assessed and dealt with individually to ensure optimum results. Does your website designer meet the criteria for the quality of website you are looking for? Did you manage to get answers to all the questions we listed in Website Design Guide [Part 1]? Have you carried out the background checks? Do you know how you will work with your chosen website design company to manage your website in the future? In Part 1 of this article we guide you through how to choose the best website designer for your business and what to consider before entering an agreement.

What is the most important research you can do to perfect your new website design?


Who are you targeting? In which areas do you offer your product or service? Is there a demand? Market Research will help to shape the design and wording on your website.


Who else is offering your product or service in your chosen area?

Who are your leading competitors and how do you wish to position your brand among them?

Delve deep into key terminology used on leading competitor websites to get a good understanding for what works and how you can take your strategy to another level – start ahead of your game.


Build | Design | Imagery | Copy | Management

Below, we talk about the 5 main focus points you will encounter during the website design process. We have written these to assist and guide you through the motions in preparation for your new website build. Don’t be the one to walk in blind and get stitched up. You are paying for the service and you should exercise your right to know exactly what is going on behind-the-scenes.


Business owners hire a professional web design expert because ‘building a quality website’ is not an easy task. The page structure must be confirmed in the website planning stages before any website build commences. There is not much you can do while the pages are being built but you can check them against your website plan afterwards to make sure the page links work and the layout is up to standard.


Different designers have different styles, tastes and ways of working. During the website planning stages you will have discussed ‘Target Audiences’ and ‘Competitors’ – the two main things that will help to shape your website design. It is important to have a clear understanding of who you are trying to reach and what kind of styles are already successful. Plagiarism is not an option but you can use other websites to spark inspiration during your design planning stages! Your design should appeal to your target market and provoke the right emotion. When you work with a professional website designer you will be guided through all of this as part of the service.


All wording on your website should include popular keywords and key phrases used by searchers looking for your product or service. A good SEO copywriter will brief you on the copywriting process and how SEO plays a role. You will be required to provide background information about your business and communicate your brand personality to help the writer understand your preferred tone of voice. Do you want your website to sound formal, casual, fun or bubbly? Communicate your thoughts at the start to avoid disappointment. You should be entitled to request amendments to the first and second draft copy at no additional cost. Remember, this is your website and the final outcome should be what you want to see.


Do you have high quality images to use on your website? Do you have permission from your suppliers to use their images? Do you know what kind of images you want on your site? Image collection can be a lengthy process if not managed efficiently. In some cases companies will be required to contact suppliers which can add a lot of time to the design process. Collect as many images as you can to speed up the process and save your web designer time in the long-run. Your web design company should have systems in place to source royalty-free images if you do not have any of your own.


Let the website designer get on with his/her job but always check the completed work (word for word) before approving it to be launched. Proofread the copy (or ask someone to proofread it for you), look out for low resolution images that need to be changed and click on every button to make sure it directs you to the right page. Easy navigation is crucial for every business website and should be achieved to direct your viewers.

Always request explanations when you do not understand something and always request amendments if you are not happy with the quality of service. Management is much easier when the planning stages are executed properly!

Read Part 3 of this Article to find out what happens after the website launch!

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