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SME Media New Website Guide for Business Owners & Start-Ups in London & Surrey 

What to expect after your website launch & how to maximise results in Website Marketing



Why isn’t my website generating sales? Why isn’t my website being found by searchers? Why isn’t my website making me a millionaire? If you are asking these questions after your website launch, you obviously did not start your online journey with a website plan.

In Part 1 of this New Website Design Guide we clearly discuss the importance of a website strategy and how it will affect your website performance after the launch. It is so important for business owners to understand the process of building a website and what to expect once it goes live. Avoid spending a fortune in the future and invest in a quality website service right from the outset.

“Use your business goals to shape your website plan – this is the most important part of any new website. Do you want the phone to ring? Is your primary goal to collect data …”

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Don’t get caught out by scammers.

Once you publish your website you are likely to be bombarded with emails offering you SEO services and other magic marketing tools that promise to get you to the top of Google or that guarantee 1,000,000 website hits in under 24 hours. You may also receive phone calls from scammers abroad pretending to be ‘Google Agents’! Don’t believe the hype! Your website strategy should already detail how you plan to achieve all of the above, and more.


Creating a community around your website is like attracting a huge crowd to a festival. Your community will be made up of followers with a mutual interest in your brand, your product and the service you have to offer. Building your community takes dedication and can be achieved by using social media, email marketing, blogging, paid advertising and offline marketing methods such as handing out business cards at social events with your website address on them. Bring your website to life with an active social circle and grow your community consistently with compelling and interactive social marketing content. It takes a bit of time to start seeing strong results; be patient and keep ticking those boxes. Social platforms are extremely complex and time-consuming to say the least; they can be managed for free on a basic level but this will take longer for you to grow. Building a loyal community of followers can be achieved a lot faster and lot easier by investing in professional help.


For a successful website marketing campaign you need to know how to create content! All digital marketing methods require a professional appearance that includes eye-catching imagery and SEO wording. Many business owners cannot manage this side of the business due to the amount of time and management required; hire a professional digital marketing service to manage everything for you and request a package tailored to suit your budget. Ask to see other projects they are managing and decide for yourself whether you think they can deliver or not. Prefer to do it yourself? Speak to our website consultants for a tailored social strategy according to your requirements and use it to guide you through your management process. It will take longer to learn the skills required to write effectively for the web, but it will save you money in the long-run.


The key ingredient. Building a community and reaping the benefits of good content only comes as a result of hard work and consistency. Writing one Facebook post a week is not going to help you generate the leads you want. Consider your website and digital marketing efforts a long-term commitment and dedicate yourself to the journey. A whole new set of rules and regulations apply to your online business strategy and it requires a completely different skill-set to achieve the consistency required to succeed.


Is your website designer still managing your website? Is he/she providing regular progress reports so you can know about the performance of your new site? Exercise your right to be informed. If your website designer is not monitoring and providing feedback on the success of your website, how can you ever improve it? Your website journey should include Testing and Observation of performance statistics to ensure they are always on the rise. Are people viewing your website? How long are they staying on your website? Are they interested enough to keep browsing through your website? Do they leave immediately? All this information (and so much more) is available to you and should be communicated with you in a transparent and honest manner. Do not allow this information to be kept from you; request to see it and use it to improve your website according to demand. Work with your website and don’t let it lay dormant on the net – grow it, love it, nurture it, guide it.

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