Best website design company in London?

Less than a third of all UK businesses have a website. With so many businesses needing a website, how many people looking for a central web agency are asking ‘what is the best website design company in London?’


1.2 million businesses in the UK have a website, but that still only accounts for 30% of all registered businesses. There are many factors that seem to influence the reasons for having, or not having, a business website.

A leading factor is industry: Those in sectors such as hospitality, leisure, health, tourism and fitness were much more likely to have websites.  Lagging behind in an online presence were real estate, property management, construction and consulting.

Many of the under-represented sectors are those with a lot of microbusinesses or ‘sole proprietorships and partnerships with only a self-employed owner-manager and companies with one employee, assumed to be an employee director’.  It could be those believe that working on word of mouth, social media and/or reputation is enough for them, and that an award winning website design would not add a tremendous amount of value.

This might not be the case though.  46% of all Google searches are looking for local information, so looking for affordable and approachable web design agencies and SEO services, might well be time and money well spent in growing your business.


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What is the best website design company in London for your business?


Unless you’re a large international business it’s unlikely you’ll need one of the huge, top web design companies with services offered in London, New York, Paris and Tokyo!  Web design agencies come in all sizes with many specialising in smaller businesses, growing businesses, and those new to an online presence.  No one would expect you to know how to design and build a website, just the information your potential customers would want to know.

The best website design company for your business is:

  • In your area geographically. Whilst a vast majority of business is carried out remotely these days, especially since the outbreak of COVID-19, having someone in the area is helpful.  Not only do they have a good idea of the environment – the mindset, vocabulary, and local trends – but they’re going to offer a budget you would expect.That doesn’t mean they have to be just down the road.  Many web design agencies work for London companies and have an office in London, but have larger facilities based in the surrounding area such as Surrey, Essex and Kent.
  • Experienced in your industry. That doesn’t mean that if you’re a painter and decorator, and they only have experience with a plumbing firm and an electrician, that you should discount them.  The general area is what you’re looking for; to see what they’ve done for people in a similar arena and how that might work for you.  It’s also good to find a website company that have worked in a range of industries, so you can see how adaptable they are to new trades and businesses.
  • Experienced in working with businesses the same size as you. Many London web design agencies only work with larger companies, and if you’re a smaller business looking to grow and expand, they might be both out of your budget range and a less approachable group of people.Top web design companies that specialise in the design and build of websites for SMEs and sole traders will understand scalable budgets, will be able to work to your requirements, and you’ll often find them a more approachable and relatable group of people (being an SME themselves.)
  • A web design company that has designed websites you like in the past. Digital design varies from business to business.  It could be you have something specific in mind, but you’ve noticed that the website company you’re looking at all leans towards a certain look or feel.It’s good to look for a website design company that either has a history of digital design that you’re looking for, or ideally has worked with a variety of different industries and brand styles.  That will show that they’re flexible in their approach and will be able to work with what you’re looking for.
  • A website company that offers both website design and SEO services. You want a website design that is going to appeal to the reader, but to get the reader here you also need for the website to read well to a search engine.Search engines such as Google have complex algorithms that determine the order in which websites are listed for each individual search.  A website design company that understands SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation – will not only be able to ensure the website they built starts off on the right foot for search engines.  They can also potentially offer ongoing SEO services to ensure the profile of your website remains high.
  • Someone with analytics skills. By that I mean someone who is able to look at the search terms used and ensure you’re including the most popular but achievable ones for your market, someone who can set up and outline Google Analytics so you can monitor the success of the website, and someone who is prepared to reassess the website in the future potentially.
  • Someone that you get on with. The design and build of a website and using SEO services is not just an investment in time and money.  It’s a process with a lot of going back and forth, and you don’t want to dread those meetings and contacts.Choosing a web design agency that you click with means that you can enjoy the process and get along to meet a common goal.  It should be in the designer’s interest for you to be really happy with the result, as they should want to be able to show you as an example of their best work.  If you get the feeling that they’ll tolerate you enough to get paid, it’s worth shopping around.


Scenarios to avoid when deciding who is the best website design company in London


There is one scenario a lot of business owners or entrepreneurs run into, that is both awkward and tempting.  You mention that you’re planning on getting a website made and have started looking around at companies in the area.  Next thing you know, you have someone suggesting someone they know, in fact it’s their 17-year-old nephew who is doing an apprenticeship in IT/digital design/marketing.  ‘And they’re really good.’

Now is not the time to be nice; if you’re looking to project a professional image, you’re going to need to work with someone who is professional.  The questions you ask should all be exactly the same.  Chances are they’re not going to have examples of their work, or limited examples outside your industry.  Make sure you’re working with someone you’re really comfortable has the skills to do a great job.  It’s best to have a slightly awkward conversation with a friend at this time, rather than fall out completely over your not getting the outcome you know you need due to their contact.


Next steps in finding the best website design company in London


  • Take a look at the website designs you like and who is building them. Make sure they’re websites in a similar industry and the same size business as yours to ensure you find someone appropriate.
  • Ask for recommendations for professional website design companies from colleagues you trust.
  • Have a list of questions and criteria to meet when approaching these web design agencies.
  • Be upfront and honest about your web design budget.
  • Keep looking until you find web design agencies you’re really interested in. There is plenty of choice and give yourself time to look at each digital marketing agency in detail, to avoid wasting time in the future.