Grow your email list and build a quality list of contacts.

contactsIf you are already getting a lot of traffic to your website, you are receiving a gold mine of potential, every viewer is a lead. Each visitor that reaches your website has probably used specific search terms to navigate, they are interested in what you have to offer and they are therefore more likely to become a sale conversion. The key to achieving the highest conversion potential is in optimizing those leads, one method is via opt in forms such as an invite to sign up for an email subscription. The Home Page should have a clear opt in form to collect valuable contact data from your visitors to ensure your email list grows steadily. The form needs to be simple and easy to fill in, don’t over complicate the fields as this will deter people from completing the form. Each contact will have a known interest and association with your brand and you are therefore capturing target customer information. The leads will grow and produce a database of high quality contacts to nurture with relevant email marketing campaigns. Don’t forget to place the submission form on every page of your website, or the high traffic pages at the very least. Add the opt in link to your email signature and all forms of literature e.g.; Invoices, receipts, flyers, brochures.

Ideas for opt in forms.

  • Sign up to receive our newsletter
  • Sign up to receive our blog
  • Register for our special offer
  • Enter our competition
  • Get our free fact sheet
  • Ask us a question
  • Receive our free ebook
  • Join our community
  • Tell us what you think
  • Collect your discount code Important things to remember for new contacts; This permission based contact list must be cherished like a prized possession. People who volunteer their direct contact details need to be treated carefully, it is very simple for these new contacts to opt out/unsubscribe and waste the lead generation effort. Show your appreciation and send a thank you for joining/signing up email. Do be cautious; don’t inundate your contacts with numerous emails. Email content must be remarkable and relevant to the contact. Encourage contacts to share by adding a ‘Forward to a friend’ link. Include the subscription options on social media.