We often seek the opinion of someone else. It can be helpful and reassuring to know what other people think. Feedback is particularly important in business, especially if it highlights an issue that needs attention. People perceive things differently; they may see a negative area or strength that someone else cannot.
There is now a very useful way of asking strangers to review your creations, be it a website, a logo, an image, page layout, or multiple other things. You can set up your own review panel. This type of testing is designed to evaluate a product or service by testing it with other users and is especially useful in website design. Take a look at www.usabilityhub.com There are a number of tests to choose from,
The 5 minute test is great for gauging first impressions e.g. what do people remember about your image or landing page, is the right message getting across?
The click test is to measure the accuracy of user interaction i.e. do your calls to action work? Use the navflow test to see if users are clicking in the right place and finding your website easy to navigate?

Who are the testers?
They are general members of the public. It is even possible to choose your demographic, how many testers you require and select the foreign language for the test. The tests can be bought or are free by earning karma points.
Need more detail? The tests are all designed to deal with one question at a time and are not suitable if you are looking for a more in-depth review of your complete website. For a more detailed appraisal contact our team copywriting@smemedia.co.uk to get a professional performance insight review of your website.