Welcome to our Meeting Room to discuss your Business Website & Digital Marketing Plans

Meeting Rooms are highly valued in dynamic office environments all over the world and bring tonnes of benefits to ongoing development and company growth. What are your business goals? Do you hold regular meetings with potential clients in the process of securing contracts? Do you need a space to brainstorm new ideas and concepts? Where do you currently hold employment interviews? Be the quality you want to receive and dedicate a space at your offices for increased productivity – the Meeting Room.

We provide a full range of website planning and digital marketing services for businesses throughout London, webdesign surrey and web design london. Our Meeting Room is based in Staines at the SME Media offices and is designed with a sizeable table, comfortable chairs and a whiteboard for brainstorming new brands, social strategies and business development ideas. Having a space where you can regularly meet and discuss business in comfort has got to be a good thing!

Inviting prospective clients and employees into your Meeting Room can have a positive impact on your positioning right from the start. “It all boils down to your business goals and how you want to come across to your target audience in the early stages of striking a deal” said Paul Linney, Digital Marketing Director at SMEmedia. Most successful companies are driven by a competitive force and desire to stay ahead of the game. A Meeting Room doesn’t have to be fully-equipped with all the latest videoconferencing equipment; conference rooms are quite different. A Meeting Room can be the simplest of rooms and bring the most valuable benefits for building long-lasting professional relationships with colleagues and clients.

A Meeting Room is a place to focus your energy on the subject of discussion, without disruption or distraction. Welcoming visitors into your allocated Meeting Room conveys professionalism to clients, prospects and visitors (even before you have started the meeting). Face-to-face interaction in the early stages of relationship-building creates a solid foundation for trust and growth. Meeting rooms add great strength to the development of projects. “First impressions do count; build camaraderie from the get go and show your visitors that you can host a meeting the right way!” said Stephen Willoughby, strategist and consultant at SMEmedia.

4 Reasons You Need A Meeting Room:


Employment Interviews
Get the most out of potential employees by affording some privacy during the interview. Create a comfortable space where they can relax without distraction. It proves harder to connect with someone in an open environment where others are present; get to know them better.

Business Meetings
Confidentiality. Business meetings are often held between business partners, colleagues, collaborators or new investors. Meeting Rooms are so important to ensure privacy, comfort and uninterrupted time. Position yourself high by providing the ultimate business meeting space where others are happy to gather and connect.

Brainstorming Sessions
Brainstorming is a crucial part of business growth and provides the perfect opportunity for sharing knowledge and building on existing strategies for improved performance. A good brainstorming room is clean, comfortable and clutter-free!

Collaboration Station
In larger office premises there is often a selection of meeting rooms and sometimes they are even themed differently to suit various mood settings. Meeting Rooms are used daily for different purposes and different departments join forces weekly to share progress updates, conduct status reports, assess ongoing performance and set weekly goals. The larger your business, the more Meeting Rooms you can benefit from.

Other types of Meeting Rooms:
Conference Rooms (projectors, presentation screen, videoconferencing equipment, seating)
Presentation Rooms (all seating set up to face one particular area, projector, screen)
Brainstorming Rooms (white boards, pads, pens, & often with a round table in the centre)

‘The Magic Touch’
It doesn’t take much to welcome your guests with the option for a coffee, tea or soft drink. Add a couple of plants for a more natural feel and make the wi-fi connection password an easy one to remember. You don’t need all the latest gadgets but a simple whiteboard for mapping out plans and even a notice board for messages to be left can prove very efficient. We map out discussions clearly on our whiteboard so Clients can see and understand the structure behind their business websites and what is required to build effective social media strategies.

Get in touch with Paul or Stephen for guidance on how you can take your business offices to the next level. Other services by SME Media include social media management, blogging, SEO strategy, lead generation, e-mail marketing and website design in Staines and throughout London. Contact SME Services for more information. We always have someone here in our office to answer any questions you have. Call us direct to arrange a meeting on 0203 418 0001 or send us a message.