‘You should never write controversial blog articles because you might upset people with a different opinion’ said one blogger to the other who stated that ‘blogs provide the ideal platform for people to exercise their freedom of speech!’ …

We happen to agree with the latter when we say that controversial blogging is actually a great way to share your views on a specific topic, boost interaction and get noticed. In this article we discuss how to best write controversial articles for your blog with the main aim of benefitting your business and growing your network online. It’s one thing writing argumentatively for a reaction but if you want to earn the respect from your targeted followers your content must be well researched, structured and backed up.

Many bloggers fear the backlash of controversial blogging but the truth is, if you want to build an active community and generate traffic to your website, planned provocative content can do the trick. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing and we should feel free to voice our opinions however we choose. Think about the best approach before you go full steam ahead into writing your thoughts down. The worst mistake you can make is writing groundlessly without checking your facts first. Be smart before you get heated and make sure your topic of choice is solid; you must always be prepared to respond efficiently with intelligent content otherwise you risk losing the respect of existing and new followers.

3 Good Reasons to write a Controversial Blog:

Boost interaction in your community
Writing informative blog posts may guide readers to learn more about a certain topic but why would they feel the need to respond? Writing controversially is likely to increase the amount of interaction on your blog causing it to get seen more frequently by more people over a longer period of time. The more interaction you receive, the more exposure you get, and the more exposure you get, the bigger your following grows. Simples!

Share valuable information from a different perspective
Here’s an example; many people nowadays read too many groundless Internet articles and watch mindless TV programs produced specifically to numb the minds of the masses. You may be aware of the damage being done and you may feel a need to voice your opinion and share a different perspective on the matter. Controversial blogging in this case may cause upset but provides the ideal platform for you to enlighten ‘the other side’. As long as you carry out the relevant research and put your side across intelligently you may well create a quality influential network who love what you have to say and haters who enjoy a good debate on the matter! You definitely need both.

Generate traffic to your website & increase exposure
Writing strong controversial blog articles with fair and balanced informational points should inspire potential followers to want to know more about you. By providing valuable knowledge you will increase the amount of viewers being led to your website and thus increase exposure from a variety of audiences.

Don’t get disheartened…
Just be aware that when you decide to go controversial in your writing style you can expect to receive some criticism, a dose of negativity and even some vicious attacks depending on your chosen topic. This is precisely why you should be careful and make sure your points are well-founded.

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