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Research into consumers and buying patterns is ongoing both online and offline. Humans are visual creatures; it has been proven that you can increase a person’s willingness to read text by 80% when it’s accompanied by coloured visuals. The effect of a well thought out visual marketing strategy can transform your entire business. In this blog post we will discuss why imagery is so important and everything you need to know on how to get good results first time.

Increase Sales and Conversions

Shoppers use images ahead of text in order to make purchases quickly. Use this knowledge to benefit your business and get advice in relation to your visual strategy. Here at SME Media we provide expert guidance on how to create and use imagery effectively with your online sales plan. The aim of the game is to achieve more leads by enticing your target audience to read more and buy your service or product using coloured visuals alongside your text.

Be Wise with your Image Choices

Choose imagery that paints the picture you wish to paint. Your image choice must be relevant to your message and your message must be communicated in a way that is tailored to your target audience. For example, you would not use a harsh black and white image for advertising a colourful baby outfit. Your mission is to catch your reader’s eye and provoke the right kind of emotion and action.

Imagery Types include:



Photography with Text

Illustrations GIFs

Short Video Clips

Do I Need a Professional Designer?

Quality imagery will increase your conversion rates online but you must learn ‘how to use imagery the right way’ to ensure you maximise results. Your imagery must be created to meet specific criteria in order to improve your online performance and make a positive impact.

3 Things to Consider when Creating Imagery for your Online Business Brand:

1.      Image Relevance

A picture paints a thousand words but is it sending the right message? Do your market research first and before you start creating visual content think about what you are trying to achieve. You must provoke an emotional response in your reader but it must be the ‘right kind of emotion’. The idea is to get through to your reader in a quicker and more memorable way.

2.      Originality

Businesses often get caught out using copyrighted images from other sites and will be requested to remove them. Save yourself time and hassle and be unique in your content creation.

3.      Quality Design & Finish

Think ‘quality’ with every image you create and use.  If you are using photographs as content make sure you use a quality version to avoid distortion, colour imbalances and the stretched look. Regular internet users and business-minded individuals are fast-increasing their general digital knowledge and can differentiate between bad and good quality imagery. Don’t settle for the cheapest designer if you want to portray a quality brand. Imagery design should be well thought out and completed to a quality standard that will look good on all devices.

Benefits of Effective Imagery in Social Media

You will notice when using social media that content is more likely to be commented on or shared when it is complemented by information-carrying images (infographics). Readers are attracted to imagery and will spend more time looking at an image than reading any text that comes with it. According to a reliable market research survey ‘infographics are “liked” and “shared” on social media platforms more than any other type of content’ and perform over 300% better than content without illustrations.

SME Media specialises in website design imagery, social media infographic design and image editing, among other services. Get in touch regarding your visual marketing strategy. Send us a message at or call Paul direct on 0203 418 0001.