What is a password security manager:

A password security manager is an application that is used to store and organize all your passwords so you do not have to remember tens if not hundreds of passwords in this digital era. Above all it enables you to use completely different and very secure passwords for each login, which significantly reduces the risk of any of your accounts being compromised.

In order for a password manager to be effective, the user must create a master password, preferably a long password that consists of numbers, characters and symbols. A master password is a password that has to be entered first in order to gain access to a list of your other passwords that are stored by the manager, so it’s imperative that only you know the password and that it’s not easily guessable.

Leading Password Managers encrypt your passwords when being transmitted and stored, adding that extra layer of security in the unlikely event of someone obtaining the file containing your passwords.

Some password managers store passwords on the user’s computer and others store them on the cloud. If using the cloud you should make sure the server that your data stored on is secure and compliant.

A good password manager will generate long random passwords and provide additional features such as form filling.

Why should you use a password manager?

A majority of people use very weak passwords and reuse the same password multiple times on different websites. A password manager will allow you to generate strong passwords which will help ensure your valuable information such as bank details do not get stolen. You only need to remember one password and that is for the master password, once that has been entered you are able to see the list of passwords that have been generated for other passwords.

The biggest advantage is the prevention of using the same password, this can be detrimental as if somehow one password is leaked, then the user can be hacked on more than one website as they only need the one password. By password generated, we mean a unique password that is generated using random numbers, characters and symbols, thus making your passwords more secure.

Here is a list of password managers which are worth looking at:


Last Pass

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