Bluetooth-LogoWhat is bluetooth? You most likely have heard or come across Bluetooth on a mobile device or computer.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology enabling devices to transfer data amongst each other without the need for cables.

The reason Bluetooth is used and favored over other wireless technologies is because it’s able to transfer data at a reasonable speed for low power consumption.

Due to the low power consumption this makes it ideal for mobile devices which run off a battery therefore need to conserve much power as possible

The only draw is that Bluetooth has a short range, with most devices to maintain a quality Bluetooth connection you will have to be in within 10 meters of each other.

So due to the great speed and low power consumption at short distances we are able to benefit from:

Sending data from one device to another – this could from a word document, music track or even a video, some devices may require you to input the pass code as each other to ensure a secure connection.

Device interaction – you can use Bluetooth to send music to wireless headphones, voice to a hands free headset

Bluetooth Facts:

USB 3 interference – New USB 3 ports and cables have been known to interfere with a Bluetooth connection as they produce electronic noise at a similar frequency of Bluetooth.

Invented in 1994 – Ericson the telecoms company invented Bluetooth in 1994 for an alternative to cables