SME Media Internet Marketing Report Explained
This section of your Internet Marketing Report will cover the following:

Facebook Stats

Facebook Fan Page Demographics:

Total Likes | how many people like your Facebook business page?
People Talking About You | how many people mention your business in other conversations?
Fan Growth |how quickly is your fan base growing?
How many ‘unliked’ your page?
Page Impressions by x Users | how many times has my brand been seen on Facebook?
Impressions by day of the week | what is the most popular time of the week for my brand to be seen? Always keep an eye out for patterns in visitor behaviour.

Impression Demographics
Age & Gender
Top Countries
Top Cities
Twitter Stats
It’s crucial to understand whether your Twitter strategy is working and generating the results you want to achieve. You should understand the demographics of your followers and what kind of interaction is taking place on your profile. You should compare your target audience with your actual audience and always take the necessary steps to achieve your end goal:

Twitter Follower Demographics:
X New Followers Per X Days | how many new followers do I gain per X days?
Link Clicks (page/photo links) | how many times do viewers click on one of my links?
Mentions | how many times do people mention my business?
Re-Tweets | how many times do viewers share my posts with their audiences?
Daily Interactions | mentions, tags, re-tweets, comments, etc
Outbound Tweet Content | how much content are you Tweeting?
Plain Text

Google Analytics |  Web Traffic | how many people visit my site over a period of time?
Social Traffic | what percentage of my viewers come from my social media circle?
Twitter Posts | how many Twitter updates are made over a period of time?
Web Mentions | how many external sites or groups are discussing your brand?
Leading Social Traffic Source | which of my social media platforms is performing the best?

I hope this has helped you to understand your SME Media Internet Marketing Report and as usual, if you have any further questions, please get in touch and we will get back to you within 24 hours.