SEO Forecast 2015

SEO Forecast 2015

SEO Forecast for 2015 by SME Media Uk Ltd

Here is our SEO forecast of just some of the things that we predict will be part of the toolkit to get your site ranking in 2015

Mobile Will be Dominant

Mobile traffic is forecast to overtake normal web traffic by 2015. This means that mobile searches will also more than likely take over desktop searches by then. Many companies are still ignoring mobile, which gives you the chance to leverage this right now. Start working on the refresh of your responsive mobile website and develop a solid mobile SEO strategy. Not only should your site be readable and accessible from every device and multimedia platform, but it should also be optimized for each. Google algorithms now take user behaviour like bounce-rate into effect. If you produce a bad user-experience because your site is not optimized properly, your ranking will be downgraded.

Social Media will be even more dominant

We believe Social media will be important as a marketing channel on its own, but also to boost your search engine rankings. Search engine algorithms are already including social signals to calculate rankings today, especially from Google+. Encourage people to +1 your content. By using the ever-present social sharing icons, you can prompt people to share the content you issue on your site. But there is one social plugin that you not only want to install, but emphasize in a special way – the Google+ +1 button.

Semantic Supremacy

Old school keyword targeting is just about dead, but by 2015, context will truly be king. Semantic search will be so good at understanding search queries that your keyword-focused content will be pushed back to page number 10 if you don’t know how to incorporate context in your online marketing activities.

Everybody will be doing it

If you’re not doing any SEO yet, start today or be left behind. By 2015, depending on the sector you are in, most if not all your competitors will be doing at least some SEO.

Be Fast and User-Friendly

Google doesn’t like slow, hard to get around websites and they will get better and better at picking up on this in 2015.

Author rank

Your website’s authors will play a very important role in your SEO. Employing prominent authors that display high authority in their fields – based on social signals, such as likes or comments and quality writing – will increase your rankings.

• Don’t use your PR company to build links and make sure backlinks are from credible sites.
• Try to ensure anchor text linking back to your site is done in a more ordinary way and less “keyword focused.”
• Make sure your website is useful and engaging that it targets your audience with sharable content and multimedia.
• Establish a strong social presence across all major platforms.