SME Media Keywords -When writing your website content it is crucial to consider your words carefully. A website without content is like a travel guide without words or photographs; there is just no point in one of these even existing. There are specific criteria that successful website copy has to meet, and smartly including keywords and keyword phrases is the most important. The aim of your website content is to attract the relevant audiences that may be looking on the internet for your product or service, and a smart website plan will assist them to navigate easily around your site, enticing them to stay and read more.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

keyword-seoSearch Engine Optimisation plays a significant role in digital marketing strategies and when a good SEO strategy has been created, you can expect to see your website popping up at the top of Google search results! Keywords and keyword phrases are made up of words used by your target audiences to search for your product or service online. You can begin the process to find the most relevant keywords using Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Using descriptive keywords in website content titles also heightens your chances of appearing in more search results.

There are various types of keywords and keyword phrases to consider:

Keywords | are the words that internet users type into search engines when they are looking for a specific product or service. For example, if you are looking for a London-based website designer, you might type in ‘recommended website designers in London’. Using the words that searchers use in your website content will increase your chances of ranking high in the result listings.

Long-tail Keywords | are keyword phrases containing a minimum of three words. These are more often used to target specific niche demographics as opposed to mass audiences. Long-tail key words are renowned for being less competitive than generic keywords.

Location Based Keywords | it has become well-known that users looking for a service in a specific area will nearly always include the area in their search. If your service is operational in a geographical location it is advised to include that location in your content. For example, ‘need a website designer in Surrey’ or ‘top website designers in London’.

Benefits of using SEO Keywords & Keyword Phrases in your Website Content:

Increase Website Traffic

The more your website appears in front of your target audiences, the more clicks you will receive, and the more website traffic you receive, the more successful you become online.

Save Money

SEO permits you to directly target audiences who are already active in looking for your product/service online and in the relevant areas. This inbound concept of inviting potential customers to your website saves a lot of money on outbound marketing strategies like cold-calling and brochure dropping. Get your website content right the first time so you can maximise long-term SEO results.

Improve User-Experience

The benefits do not end in the search results pages. When executed correctly, a good SEO strategy will provide a more pleasant experience for visitors once they arrive on your site and encourage them to stay and browse through your content instead of leaving immediately. A good SEO-friendly website plan will help you to define a site architecture with smart links that the search engine bots just love!

Increase Brand Awareness

It’s logical. If you are appearing at the top of Google search results you will be exposed to more impressions on a more regular basis and this all helps to instill trust in your brand and position you with other industry leaders.

Track & Quantify

Search Engine Optimisation has countless benefits to enhance your online business presence and every result is trackable and quantifiable. You will know if your strategy is not working, and when it does work, you will know exactly how fast and how steady it grows.

How do I include Keywords and Keyword Phrases in my Website Content?

Now you have all the relevant keywords and keyword phrases used by searchers to find your product/service online; it is time to write website content to catch and keep your target audience’s attention. Your mission now is to persuade your readers to take action in one way or another. People enjoy receiving something for free, so be informative and interesting. If you provide useful expert knowledge about the service you are providing, your readers will learn to trust you and refer to your website for information. Catchy titles such as ‘Need a New Website to Maximise Results in Business?’ or ‘Looking for a Website Designer near Esher?’ These are just two examples of using search terms in your titles.


Avoid keyword stuffing. Your content must make sense and read in a way that is pleasing to the eye. You will get penalised by Google if you include too many keywords in a nonsensical order; merge your keywords with persuasive and informative content for best results.

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