Google Knowledge Graph Explained

Benefits of the Google Knowledge Graph by SME Media Website Designers in London

Google Knowledge Graphs Launched in 2012

Have you noticed any changes when you search on Google? Answers to your questions have just become even easier to access than before. Whereas before Google would display only links directing you away from Google to independent websites; now you don’t even have to leave the main Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Certain answers and factual information relating to your specific search are displayed immediately with an excellent hassle-free navigation set up. In this blog post you will gain a decent understanding of Google Knowledge Graphs and how they are used to enhance your Google experience.

With basic information being provided directly on the search results pages Google users no longer need to click through to websites in order to obtain the information required. This is one step closer to a more universally accessible and useful internet that saves you time browsing for the simplest facts and information.

Watch this short Google video on the Appearance of Knowledge Graphs

What is the Google Knowledge Graph?
The first ever knowledge-based systems were expert systems and can be described, in short, as a technology used to “store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system.“ In summary, the Google Knowledge Graph is used to enhance its search engine results by providing structured and detailed information about specific topics in addition to a list of links to other sites. The main goal of The Google Knowledge Graph is that users can resolve queries without having to navigate to countless websites in search of the most relevant information.

Google uses Semantic Search to scan a wide variety of sources and present an accurate list of results which has been selected by understanding the searcher’s intent and contextual meaning of search terms. The Semantic Search style does not only rely on keywords and key phrases to source accurate search results but also creates links between entities from past searches to provide more precise details.

Where does Google Knowledge Graph source it’s Data?
According to Google, the Knowledge Graph is derived from multiple sources ranging from the CIA World Factbook to Wikipedia and WikiData.

3 Different Displays for Google Knowledge Graph Appearance:

1. Right-Sidebar Knowledge Graph Display
This is one example of how information is displayed according to Google searches. When searching for information on a specific brand or entity, like people, places or companies, the knowledge graph will appear on the right side with a small to-the-point bio and list of affiliated figures you may be interested in.

Google Knowledge Graph

2. Top Carousel Display
Another example of how information is displayed with the Google Knowledge Graph is the ‘carousel display’ which appears at the top of the page and generally provides information pulled from Wikipedia. For example, if you are looking for a specific list of films, the top carousel display would present a definitive list.

top Carousel Display

3. Business Brand Information
For businesses advertising online you will notice that it becomes easier to invite website traffic to your site when the brand and review ratings are displayed on the main SERPS page alongside a map and contact details. This lends credibility to your business before the user has even visited your site.

5 Main Advantages of the Google Knowledge Graph:

1. Enhances visibility for basic business information
2. Builds trust with potential site visitors looking for a product/service/information
3. Lends credibility to businesses by displaying reviews and ratings before user clicks through
4. Increases chances of being contacted by displaying clear contact details & calls-to-action
5. Enhances user experience by providing easy-to-read accurate results on main SERPS

What information is considered by Google Knowledge Graph to generate accurate results?

Keywords and Key Phrases
Variation of Words
Context of Search
Searcher Intent
Searcher Location
Generalised/Specialised Queries
Concept Matching

How Does the Knowledge Graph Impact Local Business?
Local business websites are finding it harder to generate traffic now due to the complex algorithms created by Google. To stay ahead of the game you need to structure your website plan according to a strong SEO content strategy and tick all the boxes required to get you found at the top of Google Search Results.

What about my website traffic?
If you haven ‘t got an SEO strategy in place, now is the time to do it. By displaying the most relevant information and search results in the Knowledge Graph, Google is enhancing overall user experience because it means they no longer have to click through to websites to get the information they need. Expect your organic search traffic to decrease significantly over the coming months and years and take the necessary action required to keep on top.

I want an SEO strategy for my site. Where do I start?

We hope you have found this blog useful and learnt how the Google Knowledge Graph works. We will be back soon with a blog on ‘How to get your Business Brand displayed in the Knowledge Graph’. Here at SME Media we specialise in SEO strategies and website design to help you get found on Google. Welcome to get in touch with our offices on +44 203 418 0001 for more information. Our website designers in London and Surrey are always happy to take your call.