Do you have a Facebook business page and need help to make it work better for you? Getting your fans engaged is the answer but that’s quite a proposal! It is easy to become discouraged and stop posting updates when you can’t see positive results or do not really understand how Facebook can help your business grow. Facebook is an effective marketing tool and used properly, it can build brand awareness and a loyal fan base from quality engagement. Engaged users are the number of people actively engaged on the page, they are a gold mine of potential customers.

Ten Top tips to make Facebook work for you.

1) Don’t think of Facebook just as a place to advertise your business for free. Facebook is a meeting place where like minded people gather. Your fans have already shown an interest in your company so it’s important to reward them with interesting, engaging and useful content. Share news, tips and the right information for your target audience.

2) It’s important to regularly update posts, at least twice a week. Most interest and post engagement happens almost as soon as a post is published. Posts quickly get lost in a time line and lose value as hours pass. Regular updates help build a loyal fan following that continues to grow.

3) Try and include clear calls to action in a post and make sure there is a quick and easy link for navigation to your website. Calls to action are the most straight forward way of converting social media traffic into customers.

4) As an alternative to paying for Facebook ads, try the ‘promote post’ option. Remember that ads don’t show up on most mobile devices. Ads show up in a side bar and people generally trust a promoted post that shows in their news feed rather than a side bar ad.

5) If you are running a sale or promotional offer, make sure there is a link directly to the offer on your website to the relevant landing page). This is known as optimising the landing page. Don’t send traffic to a general page like the home page and break the engagement of a fan who lost interest along the way.

6) A picture paints a thousand words! Make sure you have a fantastic cover photo/image. The picture needs to reflect your business and it is essential to use professional looking images.

7) Think about photos in your content. Interesting visual content in a post is a real benefit and will drive traffic to your website and blog, this is essential to generate an SEO boost. Every post is an opportunity to place your business right in front of your customers.

8) Monitor results. Use the Facebook analytic tools to see what type of content and which posts generate the most positive engagement and provide more of the same.

9) Check the comments and use the feedback to identify interest and any problems that need dealing with immediately. Disgruntled customers shout the loudest and bad news travels fast!

10) Make life easier for yourself; schedule a post for a later date. Choose your optimum time for updates to go live. Click here for further information on how to schedule