SSL Security

Billions of internet users worldwide communicate daily through a variety of methods including e-mail, social media platforms, e-commerce websites and more. Have you stopped to think just how lucky we are to have the means to get a message to the other side of the world at the touch of a button or buy a product from another country through a simple website!?
The possibilities online are endless but don’t forget one of the most important things that drives the Internet and makes all of this possible is ‘online security’. You wouldn’t enter your bank details to a site that doesn’t look secure nor would you send confidential information across the world if you thought everyone could gain access to it.

So what enables us to communicate with one another through secure online methods?
SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ and is basically the backbone of our secure Internet.  SSL is designed to protect sensitive information as it travels across the web and to its final destination. It does this by encrypting the data using an SSL Certificate and as a result, locks out hackers and other third-party users attempting to steal data for fraudulent activity or data collection.

Where Do I Start?
Let’s say you are the business owner and you have just had a new company website designed. Your main aim is to create a secure and safe shopping environment where online shoppers will visit and proceed to buy your product and/or service. Your first step is to get web security! People will not want to do business with you if you are not a secure site so you must purchase an SSL certificate which will act as your online ID card so that online shoppers can rest assured knowing that you are who you say you are.

 Where can I purchase an SSL certificate?

Firstly check with your web hosting company because if they have Certificate Authority, this may already be included in your package. If it is not included, you can source a third-party organisation to purchase from. SME Media provides two hosting options for all clients and in the Premium option; we can implement an SSL certificate for just £200.

What’s required to become eligible for an SSL certificate?

The SSL Certificate Authority will research your company, check references and assure your identity; confirming you are who you claim to be. Once confirmed, it will encrypt any data travelling to and from your site and keep it safe from prying eyes and hacking menaces. You can choose from a variety of different certificates; each one carrying out more in-depth validation processes than the last.

Depending on which one you go for, one of the following icons will be displayed:

securepadlock thumb






Once I have purchased an SSL certificate, what happens next?

Whenever a customer connects with your company website, your identity will be confirmed with the Certificate Authority. At this point, the two servers will form an initial connection called an ‘SSL handshake’ and this is where the encryption codes and scrambling are confirmed. The agreement is formed to establish a secure and safe security layer called the ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ or the SSL.

Does SSL affect my SEO Ranking on Google?

Up until now, having a secure website through SSL has not had much impact on the SEO ranking of your site. This is about to change though! Google have announced that in aid of promoting secure websites and SSL certification, they may be looking to award secure websites with a ranking boost! Just another reason to get your ducks in line!!!

Are you looking to expand your company with an efficient online presence? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with for more information on SSL certificates and other specialist web services. We can help you create a safe and secure shopping environment where customers don’t need to worry about their details being at risk!